My works on scenarios list

When you start with an empty scenario automatically the system create a workspace for you and add your work to your scenarios list. There you can open it again to continue working, export your work, share with others or work in a multiuser option.

My scenarios list

Each scenario has the following parts:

Scenarios parts
  1. Category ribbon.
  2. Stored place. The place where your scenario is stored, it could be:
    1. Not saved yet. Because you close the scenario before saving it.
    2. On the cloud. The scenario is saved on the cloud and you can access it on any device.
    3. Local. The scenario is saved only in your browser.
  3. Scenario thumbnail showing the persons in the stage and also their relations.
  4. The scenario title.
  5. The scenario last update date.
  6. Open button. Click on it to open your scenario and continue working.
  7. Delete button. Click on it to remove your scenario. It will ask you for a confirmation.
  8. More options. Inside this menu you will be able to get more options as: Share the scenario, set a category, export it as a file or activate the scenario for Team work.
  9. Scenario type. This section will show you what kind of scenario are you working on, the possible options are:
    1. Private cloud scenario. It’s a scenario stored on the cloud and accessible only to you.
    2. Local scenario. It’s a scenario stored locally and accessible only in the device you are using.
    3. Shared scenario. It’s a scenario shared by you or with you.
    4. Shared sample scenario. It’s an example, you can see it but not save it.
    5. Team work. It’s a team work scenario.