Visualising and taking control of your relational world

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Finding the True North towards the relationships you desire.

RCompass helps you to visualise the hidden world of relationship dynamics. Applicable for personal relationships (family, friends etc.) and professional relationships (colleagues, employees, stakeholders etc.).

RCompass works by highlighting what you can change and what you need to accept to effectively deal with what you can’t change. With this information, you’ll be invited to create new strategies to bring your relationships closer to what they should be.

RCompass is based on Sociometry, Systems and Active Role Theories. You can take practical action for next steps with an RC coach as a guide. RCompass is powered by Active Learning Centre International.

Improve your relationships in 3 steps

Add people to the stage

Represent how they relate

Analyse the data and create new strategies

*Some of these functions are only available with the professional subscription of the app (coming soon).

It's powerful because it's visual and intuitive

Article on The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychoterapy

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Upon completing an RCompass scenario, a creator or practitioner may have enough information to start working on the relationships at play.

Contact us If you need further assistance in:

  • building better relationships
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